About HGGWN, Inc.
Ephesians 6:10 - Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might.
The History of Heavenly Grace Gospel Word Network, Inc.
Also Known As HGGWN
In the year of 2003, Minister Miller and Evangelist Pearson were united in Holy Matrimony on September 27th. Together with
Jesus Christ, God blessed them to start their own small business in the year of 2008, which was named Heavenly Grace Gift
Shop. In starting their gift shop, God began to touch Minister Pearson’s mind to begin a television network to bring
ministers together in unity and love to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Minister Miller and Evangelist Pearson always
encouraged their Pastor Apostle Margaret McDill that one day they were going to put her on television worldwide.

One Sunday a healing prayer line was called and Minister Miller went up for prayer. Apostle Margaret McDill laid hands on
his mouth and prayed to God. After receiving prayer, God healed him and God made Minister Miller’s speech more clear
and plain for others to understand and God increased his wisdom and knowledge on how to build websites and media
platforms for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. By the year of 2010, he was able to build websites for their small business and
other Christian organizations.

In the year of 2012, after repeatedly going to their pastor about her being on television worldwide, they went to their pastor
again and ask her about being on their network. After showing her how it all worked, she finally said yes and Apostle
Margaret McDill and The Miracle Prayer House Cathedral was the first church to broadcast on the Heavenly Grace Gospel
Word Network, Inc.  Every day, they truly thank God for Apostle Dr. Margaret McDill and all her continued prayers, love,
support, and encouragement.

Heavenly Grace Gospel Word Network, Inc., was officially launched as a 501 C 3 non-profit corporation in February 2012.
Minister Miller and Evangelist Mary Pearson immediately gave up the gift shop to give their complete focus to spreading
the Gospel of Jesus Christ around the world.  The Lord has truly blessed them with the Christian IPTV Cable Platform that
includes 6 TV channels: HGGWN TV, HGGWN Family TV, HGGWN Church TV, s HGGWN Gospel Music TV, HGGWN Kids TV, and
HGGWN Cooking TV. Also, 3 new radio channels: HGGWN Radio, HGGWN Kids Radio, and HGGWN Gospel Music Radio. All
these channels can be viewed via the Internet through HGGWN’s official website, Roku TV, Google TV, Android and all
mobile devices, the HGGWN YouTube Channel, Vimeo and many more. To God be the Glory, this network can be viewed in
about 147 countries 24/7.

Also, HGGWN has had the opportunity to build websites and/or network platforms for other Christian ministries that are
spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ in many avenues. These following ministries have been a blessing to HGGWN, too,
which are:  
1.  Yeshua The Living Word of God Ministries of Birmingham, AL – Pastor Gregory and Elect Lady Allison Lindsay
2.  Jesus Is The Way The Truth and The Life Mobile Ministries of Anniston, AL – Min. Charlie and Min. Norma Cosby
3.  Bible Way House of Prayer of Birmingham, AL - Bishop Reginald and Co-Pastor Diana Bell
4.  Amazing Glory International Ministries of London, England - Pastor Maccool Akpe
5.  Kingdom Living Ministries of Weaver, AL - Bishop Detric and Sister Sharonda Gooden

Lastly, God has blessed them to purchase their own TV/Radio Studio and Church building in January 2015. They truly thank
God for their special sister in the Lord, Sister Sherby Patrice Holloway, that blessed them by sowing a seed of love in
December 2014 into their ministry, which allowed them to put a down payment to start the process to build the Studio and
Church for the expansion of God’s kingdom and she even continued to bless the ministry by sowing more seeds of love,
which allowed them to make more payments on the Studio and Church.

Now, Pastor Miller and Assistant Pastor Mary Pearson love serving others, too, through their church ministry of Heavenly
Grace Gospel Word Network Ministries.